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Dec 02, 2019

 Greetings from chilly NYC as our tour is snowed in for a few days. This east coast snow is no joke!

 If you want to go to college for acting or musical theatre, and you want to stand out to every school, from the safeties to the tip-top reaches, read on!
 If you are a performer with talent, passion, and drive but you want top consideration in every school you audition for, read on!

 When I was talking with the head of musical theatre at the University of Michigan, Vincent J Cardinal, he asked about me and CAP. Then I asked about Michigan. What don't I know from the your website, reputation and auditions?

 What he said blew my mind. "Have two out of three."

 Meaning, you don't have to be an insane triple thread. Just have two out of three skills, and they'll help you hone the rest.

 The head of MT at Michigan isn't looking for triple theats--just for double threats!

 Having said that, here's the secret trick to stand out: identify what your "second" skill is and spend the next year(s) honing it. 

 If you're a singer first, an actor second, and a dancer third, GET IN THOSE ACTING CLASSES. 

 Be really really sharp on your first two skills, and shake the rust off the third one. 

 For instance, I'm an actor first, a singer second, and a dancer third, I would:
 -continue my acting classes
 -get into great shape vocally with lots of vocal technique training
 -get into dance classes to improve that skill, but don't go bananas about it. 

 Having two out of three skills in top-notch shape will make you an asset to every program you audition for.


For voice, get into private voice now. I have recommendations, so message me and I"ll help you find a teacher. 

For dance, find a local studio for ballet, jazz, and tap. 

For acting, find a summer program. There are some wonderful college summer programs and regional theatre programs. My top recommendations are UCLA, Boston University, ArtsBridge, and my own summer intensive in Orange County. We'll be joined by five top-tier MT and acting programs and a Broadway Superstar. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to comment and message me!

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