College Audition Unifieds!

Nov 21, 2019


Not getting the callbacks you want from your pre-screen college auditions? Good news! Those schools aren't off the table at unified auditions!

If you've finished submitting your pre-screen auditions and you haven't gotten the callback you were hoping for, I know it feels like you're fighting an uphill battle, like you're climbing up a wet slippery rock in loafers. 
BUT what if I told you, that those schools aren't actually off the table--that you can still end up being asked to attend a school that didn't call you back?
HOW, you ask?
If you want to keep those schools in play, read on!
When you get the unified college auditions, (NY, CHI, and, LA), you'll have appointments with the schools who called you back, and the schools who asked you to audition without a pre-screen. But what about the schools who will be there who didn't offer you a callback? Won't they be there too? Yes, and you're in luck!

Many schools, including some BIG musical theatre colleges offer walk-in auditions without an appointment. You can see when they have open spots on their daily schedule and write in your name (and possibly pay a small audition fee) and that's it!

Here's my advice: do this with all the schools you're interested in. Including the ones that didn't call you back. If they have open spots, it means they need to see more talented passionate people: that's you!

And they may need you now, even though they didn't before. A college is casting a stable of actors for their season(s). So maybe you are a tall handsome baritone, and when they saw your pre-screen they had enough tall handsome baritones so they passed on you. 

But here's the thing: people leave college theatre programs all the time. 

So by the time you show up at the in-person auditions, they may need exactly you! You'll be doing them a big favor by coming in and reminding them you exist and have so much to offer. YOU SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM. 
I've had students who have not been called back from a school via their pre-screen audition, and then at unified auditions been offered admissions at the same school! 

Also, to maximize dollars, audition for schools you may potentially be interested in, even if you've never heard of them.
Worst case scenario is you don't go to a school you've never heard of. Best case is they offer you a ton of money to go there and you end up loving it. OR they offer you a ton of money and you can use it as leverage money for other schools. The possibilities are endless!


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